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Carpet Cleaning Services in Brisbane

The experienced and professional team at Distinguished Cleaning Service offers high-quality carpet cleaning for the Brisbane CBD and surrounding areas. We have over 20 years of experience in cleaning retail and restaurant spaces, alongside office, government, and educational facilities. We can make your carpets look like they are brand new!

Why You Need Regular Carpet Steam Cleaning

All carpets need regular cleaning to maintain their original colour and beauty, and also to ensure that your space remains as appealing and hygienic as possible to customers and clients.

Grime builds up over time. Without deep cleaning, carpeting slowly becomes more soiled and lifeless. The effects of time and grime are starkly visible, for example, when furniture is moved and the unblemished section of carpet is revealed.

Other times, accidents happen, such as spilled drinks or splashed ink. These stains stand out with impressive tenacity, and adversely affect the appearance of your commercial or enterprise space.

Regardless of the condition of your carpet, we are the best carpet cleaners in the Brisbane region to tackle your carpet challenges.

Why Distinguished Cleaning Service?

Distinguished Cleaning Service is your top choice for carpet cleaning in Brisbane. We have spent over 20 years painstakingly building a reputation as a professional team by treating our customers right and doing excellent work.

Our team has earnt this reputation by being timely, efficient, and reliable. Our Managing Director, Michael Clarkson, will reach out to our clients to ensure that jobs are completed according to their specifications.

We also offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all of our carpet cleaning services. If you are not happy with a cleaning job, we will promptly return and make sure that the job gets done right.

Our dedication to detail and personalised client service has afforded us numerous referrals and a high rate of return business. Contact us to see why Distinguished Cleaning Service is your premier choice for carpet rehabilitation.

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