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Distinguished Cleaning Service

Distinguished Cleaning Service provides cleaning solutions to commercial clients throughout Brisbane CBD.  Distinguished Cleaning Service is a Commercial Cleaning Service based in Brisbane, is privately owned and was established in 1997.  When you first contact DCS, you will speak with Michael Clarkson, the managing director, and not an area manager.

Michael will meet with you to discuss your cleaning requirements and offer tailored cleaning solutions.   A cleaning proposal will be prepared for you at no cost.  Upon engaging DCS to clean your business, technicians will be specifically trained for your premises.  These same technicians will clean your business each time.  This system has proven to achieve the best possible results for each and every cleaning service that you receive.  As your business grows, regular cleaning audits are conducted to ensure quality is maintained and to identify any new cleaning requirements.

DCS constantly strives to ensure quality cleaning services are maintained at your premises. Michael will liaise with you at a frequency of your choosing, maintaining communication and ensuring an optimal business relationship.

So make the call and experience the Distinguished Clean Team Today!

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