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High Pressure Cleaning

Has your house exterior grown grimy?  Has your porch or deck lost its “like new” lustre? Did a vehicle leave tell tale signs of an oil leak, staining your driveway or garage floor? Does your business exterior or parking lot require a badly needed cleaning?  Distinguished Cleaning Service can revitalise your exteriors and make them shine like new.

Pressure washing may be your best bet for restoring the original look of a number of surfaces or other items. Our expert staff will be happy to use the most precise techniques and reliable equipment to ensure that your property ends up looking its best when we finish the job.

On the one hand, pressure washing provides an easy and cost efficient way to remove dirt and grime from surfaces. Many, however, try to do the job themselves and get poor results. Using too little pressure gets the job only partly done and leaves a lot of unsightly dirt in place. Too much pressure will cause damage. It can strip away surface paint, harm mortar joints, and cause not only aesthetic but also structural damage.

No one wants the final result to look worse than when the project started. That is why you need to Call the professionals from Distinguished Cleaning Service for your high-pressure cleaning needs.

Our experienced technicians understand how to use pressure cleaning equipment properly on a wide variety of surfaces. They can gauge what surfaces and other items need what level of pressure to both remove dirt and also to protect your property.

We also know when it is appropriate to pressure wash with cool water and cleansers and when a surface needs power washed with hot water. Not every surface stands up well to power washing.

Concrete, brick, tile, stone, and other hard surfaces can look new again without suffering damage in a matter of minutes.

Pressure washing does not just remove dirt. It also effectively blasts away years of accumulation of unsightly and potentially dangerous mould and mildew. You will be amazed to see years of unsightly mess melting away before your eyes to reveal a pristine clean look.

high pressure cleaning

If you have grown tired of looking at a dirty and grimy home exterior, business facade, or oil-stained parking lot or driveway, reach out to our professional and courteous staff today. We are happy to answer any questions or also schedule an appointment for service.

Call Distinguished Cleaning Service today so that we can get started making your property shine like new.

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