Commercial Window Cleaning

We are highly professional and experienced commercial window cleaners devoted to giving our clients the best window cleaning services in Brisbane and surrounding areas.

We use safe window cleaning processes and technologies to leave our clients satisfied.

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Our Window Cleaning Tools of Trade

Many companies choose us for commercial cleaning due to our helpful customer service, high levels of professionalism and friendliness. All our practices meet the needs of our customers at the best rates.

We are the experts in cleaning hard to reach places. We have water-fed pole systems that can clean 3 storeys from the ground. The extension poles, also known as telescopic poles have water jets and a brush to clean the windows thoroughly without leaving smudges that set on the glass after cleaning.

The water jets purify the water by removing salt and other impurities from the main water source to successfully break down the dirt on the surface. The brush softly scrubs the windows while the purified water from the water jets covers the entire surface for a complete rinse. This process guarantees sparkling clean windows.

We use the correct detergent for our commercial window cleaning. We know that all detergents are not equal and some do specific cleaning jobs. We use a high-quality cleaning detergent that:

  • Does not blow bubbles to already cleaned windows or the floor creating a slip hazard.
  • Remains on the glass to squeeze effectively, break down the grease and grime, provide less friction and allow streak free evaporation.

Another critical window cleaning tool is the squeegee. Using a poor-quality product gives poor cleaning results. We only use the best quality squeegees for quality results every time.

Why You Should Choose Our Commercial Window Cleaning Service

Many businesses choose to work with us because we guarantee a professional and dedicated team, high level of window cleaning and competitive rates.

Our services help businesses stand out and maintain a professional look every time. With our simple wash cleaning method, your high-grade commercial window and glass remain spotless.

We clean all sorts of windows including heavy-duty commercial windows, shop front windows and more.

We offer the best commercial window cleaning services, and our staff is professional, reliable and friendly to meet all your needs. Contact us today.

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